Living Room Conversations : United or Divided

Wednesday, August 287:00—8:30 PMProgram RoomWoburn Public Library45 Pleasant St., Woburn, MA, 01801

For  Adults and Teens

Did your parents ever tell you not to discuss politics and religion in polite company? Well, here’s your chance to talk freely about some of the issues facing our country.  Join Living Room Conversations and share your views with others who want to understand current issues from more than one side. 

Discussions will be held in small groups of 4 to 6 people guided by a series of questions to lead participants through a meaningful discussion of a topic each week. The discussion questions were designed by

United or Divided    


If you listen to the news,  America is a nation divided.  Yet, aren't political differences normal for a healthy and free society?  Are the common values we share enough to solve the problems we face?  In many instances, the Right and Left agree, but somehow it feels as if no one is willing to work together.  Will the United States remain united?

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