Creativity Builds a Better World: Hands-on Pottery Demonstration for Ages 6-12

Tuesday, July 232:30—4:00 PMProgram RoomWoburn Public Library45 Pleasant St., Woburn, MA, 01801

Master Potter Rick Hamelin, aka Pied Potter Hamelin, will demonstrate the use of the potter's wheel and teach participants how to make a pinch pot.

In this exciting program, the pottery wheel will connect our communities as we explore how a better world was built from clay. The tiny speck of clay can be used to create beauty, build structures or cook and serve a meal. This pottery demonstration begins with the basic concept of pressure and motion, involving simple forms that I will use to complete several projects, bringing to life pots and creatures one piece at a time while I share stories from the mud that connect and celebrate our unique differences.

Hands-on: We will pass from person to person a freshly made pot from the potter’s wheel and the chance to feel a dry and wet pot as it rotates on the wheel. Each person will also make a pinch pot (cup made from a ball of clay by pinching the clay with the thumb and finger) and the unfired piece goes home with the participant.

This is a Mass Cultural Council funded event.

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